At times we can all benefit from praying through difficult and confusing life circumstances with the help and support of other Christians. We would be privileged to help you experience more of God’s love and receive a new sense of peace, joy, and freedom in your life.

29 reasons for a Gateway Prayer session:

1. I want a deeper relationship with Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit

2. I want to be able to hear from God

3. My faith is not growing/I feel my faith is stagnant

4. God doesn’t seem to answer my prayers

5. I can’t get God’s truths into my heart 

6. It’s difficult for me to pray/I don’t like to pray

7. I’m confused about what God wants me to do

8. I’m feeling frustrated or angry with myself (or others)

9. I’m plagued with guilt/I can’t forgive myself

10. I continually worry about the future

11. I often feel worried, anxious, or afraid

12. I can’t seem to let go of something in my past

13. I’ve been involved in unhealthy or abusive relationships

14. My marriage isn’t all it should be

15. I’m struggling with a relationship

16. I’m stuck in a sin

17. I’m often overly critical of myself 

18. I’m insecure

19. I always need to be in control

20. I’m too _____ (critical, sarcastic, pessimistic, etc.)

21. I don’t like my behavior

22. I often feel rejected 

23. I’m often discouraged or depressed 

24. I feel hopeless

25. My intellect interferes with my faith

26. I feel unworthy of God’s love

27. I constantly feel the need to perform

28. I often feel judged 

29. I dwell on the bad memories of the past