“It was healing and I was able to release a lie that had plagued me for years. It was freeing. I would highly recommend it. It was one of the best experiences for me. It has helped my healing tremendously and has shown me other ways to pray. Thank you!”

 “I found the experience healing and acceptable, and dealt with issues around forgiveness, stress, and anger. I experienced relief and am still working on breakthrough. For me, seems like this would be good every once in a while (at least until my breakthrough). The ministry team members were kind, safe, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this to others.” 

 “My session was fantastic and healing. I experienced a breakthrough during the session. I had prayed many of the same things (before) but the Lord desired for me to pray with others, and this brought healing. I believe I am finally free of an old issue of captivity, and I believe I am free to worship the Lord because I received powerful encouragement from the Lord through the prayer partners. I have already recommended this ministry to others. Keep listening and encouraging others who seek the Lord and be blessed.”

 “I experienced healing and breakthrough during my session. It was fantastic and amazing to feel God’s love. I highly recommend this ministry. Thank you, it was a true blessing to be able to let God take my burdens and to feel at peace.” 

 “It was helpful to get rid of personal hurts that I did not think were there. I felt Jesus was initially on the other side of a plywood wall, but He is reachable now! My experience was healing and I would highly recommend it.” 

 “I am seeing a shift in my thinking (since ministry) – clearer, freer… time will give me the proper words to describe. It was fantastic and healing. I would highly recommend it. Thank you for keeping on balance in ministry. You know it’s the Lord and so do I. Praise!” 

 “I recently had my third Gateway prayer session and afterward I felt should write to you and tell you my story: I haven't ever really told my story to someone. I mean, I never felt like my story had much meaning before, until now. God is so working in my life now and for the people who knew me and were close to me, they can sense and see it too. I grew up in the church. I went to Sunday School and Bible Study all the way through high school. But at some point, my heart began to drift away. I kept going to church, but I wasn't really ‘there.’ Years of abusive behavior slowly tore my family apart. I tried to cope with it in my own way and finally I just decided, ‘Screw it. I'm tired of fighting and getting hurt. I just don't care anymore.’ During this time and through a series of events, I was stripped of everything I knew. This is when God started to reshape my life. I had my first session with Gateway and I came away from it feeling more freedom than I had felt in years. I started to earnestly seek God, little by little. 

Since then I have been participating in the Beth Moore study at church and I feel God strengthening me each week. I also have done several Gateway sessions and each time I go, I feel like God ripped another layer of oppression and scars off of me. I call it ‘de-dragoning’ referring to the de-dragoning of Eustace in one of the Chronicles of Narnia books...Gateway isn't just for people who need ‘de-dragoning,’ it's also for people who need marital guidance, healing, blessings or anything else. Someone told me lately, ‘Gateway (and meeting with your counselor) has done more for you than all of those years of medication ever did.’ 

My new walk with Christ is new and exciting and yet a daily battle. I hope that this story can somehow bring encouragement to others...Praise God, the Healer of all wounds.” 

 “My session was fantastic and healing. I was able to fully forgive and move on from past hurt from my mother. During and after, I felt a sense of freedom. I felt the love of the Lord in a strong, very wonderful way. My heart was replaced with joy where there was pain. I feel intimately closer to the Lord through the prayer session. I would highly recommend this prayer ministry, and already did! I had a beautiful time – wonderful to receive encouragement from you three after the session! God blessed me abundantly!”

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